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Electric Guitars
LP style no.1 w/ Seymour Duncan JB - 'Skippy'

At one point long in the distant past, this was a stock, inexpensive, Korean-made Les Paul Copy from the 90's, branded a Maison "Let's Play". Even better than that, this guitar came into my life after my mum found it discarded in a skip on my road. Remembering my fondness for faffing about with guitars she brought it home for me, only for it to become my absolute favourite electric guitar. After setting it up, replacing all the electronics, fitting a Seymour Duncan JB (with a coil split) in the bridge, and painting all over the disgusting poly cherry sunburst finish with a bunch of safely monochrome house paints, I've never played a guitar I liked more.

Unbelievably versatile but distinctive, it's properly properly MY guitar x.

LP-style no.2 w/ Seymour Duncan JB - 'Cheapo'

Ever since getting skippy I really wanted a spare that was as close as it could be for practicality. I bought this guitar used, with a gigbag, for £89. It's pretty close to Skippy now (also with a coil-splittable JB in the bridge) so the show can always go on.

LP JR style no.3 - 'Epi'

This was once a normal Epiphone Les Paul Standard. Now it's got a single beefy humbucker in the bridge. I filled in the other cavities.

And, of course, it's not sunburst any more. It's wild.

Arbor AR-137OR w/ Epiphone Humbuckers

Bought from a starving painter in Key West, Florida. It's very orange. Epiphone pickups in it now. Jumps, jives n' wails.

Squier 20th Anniversary P-Bass
Got it used after somebody stuck some different pickups in it. I don't know what they are but they sure sound good.
Acoustic Guitars
Cole Clark Fat Lady 2

Fantastic Australian-made all-solid acoustic guitar with 3-way pickup system comprising an undersaddle, internal mic, and piezo sensors built into the bracing on the top. Amazing, unapologetically modern acoustic guitar.

Martin DCPA4

Vintage-flavoured all-solid electro-acoustic dreadnought. Soft and sweet.

LAG Four Seasons Autumn

Solid cedar-topped electro-acoustic guitar with Fishman Electronics. Usually strung in Nashville tuning.

Double-track some standard acoustic parts with it, pan them hard, and you've got a stereo 12-string.

Secret sauce for lots of h. eldritch stuff (shhh).

Delta Blue Open-Back Banjo (with Shadow and Fishman pickups)

Oh so misunderstood.

Thwaites 3/4 size Upright Double Bass w/ David Gage Realist pickup


Amplification + FX

Line 6 Helix Floor + Helix Native plug-in

My favourite thing. I'm never going back.

Vox AC30 CC2

All valve. Always amazing. Also always loud, even when it's quiet.

Vox AC4 TV

Looks groovy, sounds completely untamed.

Marshall AVT 50 Valvestate
Ashdown Electric Blue 180 Bass Amp
Strymon Timeline
Lots of pedals
Radial J48 Active DI
Radial Pro D2 Stereo Passive DI
Radial Pro-RMP Passive Re-amp Box


SE Electronics 2200a mk1 (LDC)
SE Electronics 2200a mk2 (multi-pattern LDC)
2 x DPA D:Vote 4099
Shure SM57
Shure SM58
Shure SM7B
Cloud Microphones Cloudlifter CL1
various other dynamic microphones


MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2014)
Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo Mk1
Focusrite Saffire Pro 40 (linked via ADAT)
Focal and KRK monitors
Logic Pro X
Ableton Live Intro 9
Pro Tools 11
Plugins from UAD, Waves, FabFilter, NI, Sinevibes and many more


2x Presonus Air12 Active Speakers
Allen and Heath 22fx mixer
Tapco MixFX 12
various dynamic vocal microphones

Other Stuff

Final Cut Pro X
Sony RX-100 Mk3
GoPro Session
Shure SE215 in ear monitors w/ Behringer PM1 wired beltpack
Apple iPad 2 Mini w/ Setlist App (w/ function music repertoire)
K&M microphone stands
Various small synths/sound-machines
Novation MiniNova
Akai MPK49 midi controller
Mapex VX 5 piece drum kit
Roland Street Cube EX
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